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If you’re renting out a furnished short-term or vacation home, you need to grab the attention of potential guests and give them a good reason to book your property instead of all the competing properties on the Fort Worth rental market. To maximize your bookings and keep your home occupied, you need to focus on furniture. 

What are guests looking for? We know what they want, and we’re talking today about how to furnish your Fort Worth rental for the best possible experience. 

Decide on an Aesthetic That Fits Your Fort Worth Home

Before you buy furniture and set up the knick-knacks, you need to know what kind of design elements will fit your property best. 

Are you focused on renting to families with children? You’ll want to think about bunk beds. Looking to make your property a work-friendly spot for roaming remote workers? Upgrade your Wi-Fi.

You can get inspiration from interior designers and their websites, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and even other rental properties that you admire. 

Remember that this isn’t about your personal tastes. You’re trying to appeal to as many travelers as possible. Make your style as regional as possible. No one expects a beach theme when they’re in Fort Worth. 

Fort Worth Furniture Must Be Durable

Your furniture will be used by a lot of different people, and it’s going to have to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with that usage. 

Always remember that you’re not furniture shopping for your own home that you live in. You’re also not basing all your decisions on spending as little money as possible. You’re going to have to invest in high quality, reliable pieces that will impress your guests. The bed has to be more than adequate; it has to be comfortable and supportive. 

No one wants to deal with damaged furniture between guests or worse – while a guest is staying in your home. Limit the risk of damaged furniture by investing in high quality, durable furniture. 

Furniture Items You’ll Need

Night StandMake sure you remove any personal belongings. The entire space should be for the use of your guests. 

Next, take an inventory of what you have and what you need. Every room in your rental home must be fully furnished. This doesn’t mean that every bed needs two nightstands and four different coffee makers must be available in the kitchen. 

But, the home has to be completely functional and ready for guests. 

Make sure you have:

  • Beds in every bedroom, with sheets and blankets and pillows.
  • A nightstand.
  • A dresser and/or an empty closet.
  • Sofas and chairs in the common areas.
  • Dining table and chairs.
  • Television and television stand.

Outside, you’ll want to have patio furniture if there’s space. Make sure the kitchen is completely functional with pots, pans, plates, glasses, coffee mugs, and silverware. 

When you’re furnishing your short term rental property, you’ll have to provide the basics (beds) and the extras (garden tub). Create a budget before you begin the process so you’ll know where to prioritize your furniture spending. 

We know what short term renters are looking for, and we can help you put together a comfortable, inviting space. For some help, please contact us at Trend Property & Management. We’re here to help with all your Fort Worth property management needs, and we also serve rental homes in Keller, Saginaw, Weatherford, and Hurst.