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If you’re thinking of converting your Fort Worth home into an Airbnb, we don’t blame you. There’s certainly money to be made, and the short-term rental market has been growing steadily over the last few years. In fact, Airbnb rentals are becoming more popular than hotel rooms.

While this can be a great way to earn some income on a property, there will be a lot of work involved. You’ll have to manage guests and cleaning, and you’ll also have to market your property constantly in order to make sure it’s occupied and not left vacant for long periods of time.

Most importantly, you’ll have to make sure you meet all the legal and regulatory requirements to lawfully rent out a property in the short term. Task forces, city councils, and local governments throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area have been mulling recommendations and considering stricter controls on short-term rentals. Make sure you’re compliant with all current laws and regulations. Otherwise, the penalties can be expensive.

If you’re converting your Fort Worth property into an Airbnb, be prepared to take the following steps.

Make Your Fort-Worth Rental Property Competitive

Take a look at the Airbnb Fort Worth listings, and you’ll see there are a lot of different properties available to short-term guests looking for a vacation stay or a place to settle in for a month or two.

It’s important to make your property stand out in a crowded market. Your potential guests are looking for nice furniture, comfortable surroundings, and all the amenities that are necessary for a short-term stay. Make sure you provide kitchen appliances, Wi-Fi, cable television, and clean linens. Your outdoor space should be well-landscaped and welcoming.

Airbnb properties thrive on good reviews. Make sure you’re able to inspire those good reviews by providing an outstanding experience for your guests, whether they’re staying for one night or a couple of months.

Prepare to Provide High-Level Customer Service

Airbnb guests will have high expectations, and you need to be prepared to provide an exceptional customer experience. Be responsive leading up to their stay. Make sure it’s easy for them to check in and reach you if they have any questions. Consider leaving a short guide to the area and to the home. Guests can get frustrated when they spend half an hour trying to turn on the television.

Be prepared to respond to any small maintenance issues or complaints during their stay. You can’t afford to make them wait if the air conditioning goes out or a storm knocks out the internet.

Work with a Fort Worth Property Management Company

Hospitality is a big part of short term Airbnb rentals, whether a guest is staying for one night, one week, or an entire month. It will be difficult to keep up with all the turnover and the inspections, maintenance, and cleaning on your own. You’ll also have to list the home, market it to potential visitors, and handle the collection of rent, deposits, and other financial details.

An experienced Fort Worth property management company will provide guests with concierge-style services, including 24-hour responsiveness, recommendations on where to eat and what to see while they’re in Fort Worth, and everything they might need, whether it’s high speed internet or snacks in the kitchen. Offering a professionally managed Airbnb is a great way to set your property apart from all the others.

Maintenance issuesWe’d be happy to help you set up and manage your Fort Worth Airbnb property. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Trend Property & Management. We manage long-term residential leases and short-term vacation homes in Fort Worth, Keller, Saginaw, Hurst, and the surrounding areas.