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Smart Fort Worth rental property owners are going to budget for routine maintenance. One good way to keep those costs down is by making routine repairs before a real problem arises. When you’re preventative and proactive, you can count on fewer emergencies and less stress. You can also count on happier tenants.

Scheduling routine inspections and service is a great way to protect the condition of your investment home. It also ensures your property is safe and habitable for current and future tenants. 

Some of the most common and routine home maintenance issues can prevent expensive property repairs. Pay special attention to water and plumbing issues, appliances, landscaping, and your heating and cooling system.  

Prevent Water Damage and Leaks in Fort Worth Investment Property

Water and moisture will cause more damage to your property than anything else, and it can be especially difficult to avoid in Fort Worth, where we have some dramatic weather from time to time. Storms can bring a lot of water, and that’s bad news for your property.

Routinely check for leaks. Look under sinks and check ceilings and walls for discoloration or damp surfaces. If you leave a leak to get worse, that moisture will lead to rot and mold. Those can create health problems for your tenants and increase what you have to spend to remedy the situation. 

Check your home ventilation and respond immediately when a tenant reports a problem with the plumbing, whether it’s a running toilet or a leaky sink. Remember to clean out the gutters when necessary and check your irrigation system.

Check for Foundation Shifts

The soil in Fort Worth can often cause foundation shifts in your property. If the foundation isn’t watered regularly, it can move and disrupt the plumbing and other functions of your home. Make sure you’re paying attention to this if you want to avoid long-term repairs that are more costly and time consuming. Inspect the foundation before you buy a property and don’t let it slip off your radar once you’re renting it out.

Service Your Heating and Cooling Units

The climate in Fort Worth is typically hot, even outside of summer. The air conditioning will really tested, so schedule annual visits from an HVAC technician to check your cooling system. Prevent expensive emergency repairs by having the entire system inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. 

Make sure your tenants know to change the air filters regularly. Not only does this protect your property; it also keeps their energy costs lower and provides better air quality for their home.

Safety Issues are Part of Routine Maintenance

toolbox - tools for repairs and maintenanceRoutine maintenance should always start with safety and habitability issues. Always inspect, service, and maintain your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure you’re keeping your property protected against mold and pests. 

Look for potential problem areas such as corrosion on stair handrails or balconies and any deterioration in appliances or electrical outlets. Wood rot can also be a big problem, so check the outside of your property for any problem areas. Preventative maintenance inspections can help. If you schedule annual inspections, you’ll have the peace of mind that your rental property is safe and habitable.

We think routine maintenance and inspections can make a big difference in the condition of your property and the costs required to rent it out safely to good tenants. For more information on this or anything pertaining to Fort Worth property management, please contact us at Trend Property & Management.