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There are several good reasons to furnish your Fort Worth rental property. 

If you’re renting out a vacation home or a short-term rental, you’ll absolutely need to provide beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs, and even kitchen utensils and appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, and plates. 

You might also want to furnish your property if you’re hoping to attract corporate relocation tenants, or renters who will be in place for just a few months. 

Maybe you already have furniture in place and you’re not sure what you would do with it, so you want to rent your home as a furnished unit. Renting out a furnished Fort Worth property provides an opportunity to dramatically increase your return on investment.

Many Fort Worth Tenants Prefer Furnished Homes

Not every potential tenant will have their own furniture when they’re ready to move into a rental property.

Your furnished property will attract those renters who are coming into Fort Worth for a year or two for work or education. They likely won’t be moving with their entire collection of sofas, beds, and personal belongings. They’ll appreciate not having to rent or buy furniture while they’re living in Fort Worth. 

Short Term Fort Worth Tenants Will Expect Furnished Homes

If you’re not planning on offering long term leases, you should absolutely keep the home furnished. Tenants who are looking for vacation rentals will obviously expect the home to have furniture. 

If you want to rent monthly, you should keep your furniture in place and provide household essentials such as plates, linens, and cooking utensils. Short term tenants will need these things, and be willing to pay more rent when they only have to pack their clothes for a stay in your property. 

Earn More Rent with Furnished Fort Worth Homes

While you’ll have to budget for maintaining and replacing furniture from time to time, the additional rent you’re able to earn will more than make up for those costs. 

Furnished rental properties allow you to set a higher rental value. Tenants will expect to pay more when they’re provided with everything they need rather than an empty house. You can expect to earn 15 to 20 percent more per month for a furnished long-term rental. 

appliancesIf you know you want to provide a furnished rental home but you’re not sure how to get started, we’re happy to talk more about it with you. Please contact us at Trend Property & Management. We manage long-term residential leases and short-term vacation homes in Fort Worth, Keller, Saginaw, Hurst, and the surrounding areas.