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Housing values in Fort Worth are up, and that means your property tax bill might be shocking. 

You can protest your property taxes by filing with the county, but the process can be confusing and a bit overwhelming, even if you’ve done it before. 

We recommend hiring a professional to protest your property taxes, and that’s for two reasons. 

One:  You’ll protect yourself against making unintentional mistakes. 

Two: You’ll have a better chance of coming out ahead and having your tax rate adjusted. 

Appealing Tax Rates Through the Tarrant Appraisal District

The only way to bring down what you owe is by appealing to the Tarrant Appraisal District, or TAD. You can file your appeal electronically after you’ve registered for an account. You’ll find an online portal where you can compare recent sales in your neighborhood, hoping for documentation in your favor that brings down the value of your property. Tax officials will use recent sales to appraise your property and establish its market value

With the sales market completely crazy for most of the past year, it’s going to be hard to find a reason that backs up your claim of a lower property value. This is why an expert or a professional property manager can help you. 

Professional Fort Worth Property Management: Focus on Value, Not Taxes

A professional can help you avoid the common emotional mistakes that a lot of people make. 

The initial reaction is to fight for a lower tax rate. But, you can’t get that lower tax rate unless you convince the tax office that your home value needs to be lower. So what you’re really protesting is your property value, not your tax bill.

Professional property managers in Fort Worth and tax experts can help you by documenting your argument for a lower property value. TAD isn’t walking through your property when they estimate its value. They’re using local market data. So, if your home tells a story about what it’s really worth, you have a fighting chance of bringing down the appraisal value. 

Property managers document the condition of rental homes all the time. We know how to take photos of floors, walls, foundation issues, appliances, bathrooms, and other areas of the home that may be deteriorating or in need of renovations. When work needs to be done, the value of your home does drop. 

A property manager will also have contacts with some of the best local vendors and contractors. We can gather estimates for how much it would cost to fix the issues in your property, which can be beneficial in your protest. 

Professional Fort Worth Property Management Expertise

Even if you don’t initially win your protest, you can appeal it. 

Property managers have done this before. We’ve worked with owners to reduce their value and thus their taxes. 

We know this can be a frustrating and difficult process, especially if your home’s value has increased tremendously. 

If you want to increase your chances of having your protest heard and your property tax rate lowered, work with an experienced property management company that knows this process and has appealed to the District before. Your property manager can make some great recommendations on how to navigate this process.

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