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Your Airbnb may be a single-family home that you once lived in yourself or a home you’re still occupying. They are diverse and popular properties, often in higher demand than hotel rooms.

It’s a lucrative business, but also a complex one. As professional Fort Worth property managers, we help owners take care of the details and the legwork that come with renting out an Airbnb in the short term. Here are some of our most essential tips for running a successful Airbnb in Fort Worth, Keller, Saginaw, Hurst, and the surrounding areas.

This is a Business. Treat it Like One

Real estate is emotional. We’re talking about a home. While it may not be the home you live in, you probably still have some kind of emotional connection to it. Understand from the beginning that guests are not going to treat it the way you do. It’s a temporary place for them to stay. You cannot expect them to water your flowers or take special care of the prize rose bushes in the backyard.

It’s a business. Every decision you make should be based on business and not emotions. Make sure you’re ready to do this, or hire a property manager who can provide a buffer for you.

Create a Great Listing with Good Photos

Keeping your Airbnb occupied is a big part of your sales strategy. To attract guests, make sure you’re marketing your property effectively. You’ll need a lot of high-quality photos and a description that makes them want to book right away.

Highlight your most positive reviews and make sure potential guests know what sets your property apart from the others. Maybe it’s a Jacuzzi tub or some pleasant outdoor space or proximity to the airport.

Cleanliness is Critical

The quickest way to earn a bad review is by leaving your Airbnb dirty. It has to be more than clean – it has to be in perfect condition. Your guests are looking for hotel-quality cleanliness. Make sure there isn’t a pile of used coffee sitting in the pot. Hire good, thorough cleaners who won’t leave hair in the sinks or dust on the ceiling fans. Bathrooms must be spotless, all trash bins and waste baskets should be empty, and there should be no sign of previous guests.

Anticipate the Needs of your Fort Worth Airbnb Guests

Think about your guests when you’re choosing furniture and linens. Make sure you have enough plates, silverware, and coffee mugs in the kitchen. Keep the pantry stocked with basic items like paper towels, trash bags, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and napkins. There should be a hair dryer in the bathroom, hangers in the closets, and toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste as well. If you allow pets in your Airbnb, make sure there are doggie bags or cat litter available.

Communicate Before, During, and After the Stay

One of the most underrated parts to successfully running an Airbnb is proactive and responsive communication. Before they arrive, make sure your guests have all the information they’ll need to check in. That might be the code to the lockbox on the front door or your cell phone number if you’re planning to meet them in person.

Consider sending out a welcome guide or having a short introduction to the property and the area on the kitchen table when they arrive. You can highlight your favorite pizza places, the best bakeries, and where to buy groceries. Explain how to work the television and the washing machine and where to find the internet password.

During the stay, make sure you’re available for any questions or concerns. Check in after they’ve settled themselves to see if there’s anything they need. When they’ve left, send a thank-you message and ask for a review.

Responsive communicationThese are just a few tips to get you started. We’d be happy to help you prepare your property to be a successful and profitable Fort Worth Airbnb. Please contact us at Trend Property & Management for more information.