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The short-term rental market has been growing steadily over the last few years, and Airbnb rentals are becoming more popular than hotel rooms. If you’ve decided to rent out a property on a vacation or short-term site such as Airbnb or VRBO or one of the others, there’s going to be a lot of work involved. You’ll have to manage guests and cleaning, and you’ll also have to market your property constantly in order to make sure it’s occupied and not left vacant for long periods of time. 

There are also a different set of rules and requirements for short-term rentals in Fort Worth. 

Protect yourself and your income by working with a professional Fort Worth management company

Property Managers Provide Concierge Services

Your guests will expect hospitality when they rent your Airbnb, whether they’re staying for one night or an entire month. An experienced management company will understand this, and provide guests with 24-hour responsiveness, recommendations on where to eat and what to see while they’re in Fort Worth, and all the best services, whether it’s high speed internet or snacks in the kitchen. Offering a professionally managed Airbnb is a great way to set your property apart from all the others. 

Listing and Leasing Services are Efficient

Professional property managers understand the leasing process. It’s something we do every day for our long-term properties. Hiring a professional manager for your Airbnb means you’ll have outstanding marketing photos to go with your well-written and descriptive listing. We’ll be instantly responsive when a potential guest sends a message or asks a question. 

Collecting deposits and payments, inspecting and cleaning the home, and hiring vendors to clean and make repairs can all be handled by your professional property manager. We already have these relationships in place, and we have systems that we’ve used for years to make sure your home is quickly cleaned and made ready for the next paying customer. 

Meeting Expectations with Customer Service

Airbnb guests have high expectations. These aren’t long-term tenants who are going to make the place their own. Your guests will be looking for attractive, comfortable furniture and lush linens. They will want everything they need in the kitchen, including a coffee maker and a microwave. You’ll need to provide utilities and services like cable television and Wi-Fi. Your property manager can set all this up if it’s not already in place. We can also maintain it. 

Work with Trend Property & Management for Airbnb Hosting

professional property managerWhen you decide to list a home on Airbnb and use the services of a professional Fort Worth management company, we hope you’ll consider our team. We’ve been managing short-term, furnished rentals in the local market for more than seven years. Our pricing is simple and competitive. We charge 22 percent of the rent that’s collected, whether it’s a one-night stay or a longer visit. 

At Trend Property & Management, we rent and manage several homes on Airbnb, and we’ve achieved the status of Verified SuperHost. More than 100 excellent reviews have been left by guests and more importantly, our owners are happy, too. 

If you have any questions or you’d like any help, please contact us at Trend Property & Management.