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Tenant complaints will sometimes seem petty and irksome, especially if they’re complaining about things over which you have no control. However, you want to be responsive as a landlord when you’re renting out a Keller property, so you need a plan to address them. 

In some cases, the complaints you receive are completely valid, and you’ll want to do whatever you can to make things right so your tenants are happy. 

Complaints About Moving In

Providing a stress-free move-in experience will help you avoid early tenant complaints. The things that your new residents are most likely to find intolerable are:

  • Your property isn’t clean on move-in day.
  • Things are broken or missing. Appliances aren’t working or window screens are missing. 
  • Not knowing how things work (thermostats, locks, garage doors).

Avoid these complaints by putting together an effective move-in checklist and making sure everything is as close to perfect as possible for your tenants. 

Keller Rental Property Maintenance

Maintenance complaints are fairly common, and with a responsive approach to emergencies and routine requests, you should be able to manage these things fairly easily.

When a tenant has a maintenance issue, complete the repair right away. Don’t take any more than a day or two. This will demonstrate to your tenants that you’re serious about their comfort and you care about the condition of your property. The one thing you don’t want to do is give them a reason to complain that you’re not responsive. 

Common Communication Complaints

Don’t ignore your tenants. It should come as no surprise that avoiding an initial complaint will only lead to additional complaints. 

You’re busy. But make sure you’re available and accessible to your residents. Return phone calls and answer messages. Talk to your tenants. More importantly – listen to them. It’s important to have open lines of communication with your residents. Keep them up to date with what’s going on in the building or at their home and in the area around them. Always get back to them as soon as possible when they leave a message or send an email.   

Pests in Your Keller Rental Home

No one wants to live with bugs. 

One of the most common complaints you’re likely to hear is about pests. So, have a preventative maintenance plan set up once a month for pest control to come out to any of your rental properties. This decreases the number of issues that arise with insects and pests. 

Keller Security Deposit Complaints 

Security DepositTenants are known to complain when their security deposit is withheld or not returned in full. If you have documented instances of damage or unpaid rent, you’re allowed to keep all or part of that deposit to cover your losses. Remember that you cannot deduct for any repairs and replacements that are due to normal wear and tear. 

When a tenant pushes back about a security deposit charge, always stay calm and professional. Be willing to consider their argument. There’s no sense in putting yourself at risk in court for a $100 charge. 

Show your tenants the documentation you have to support why they are not getting the full deposit back. Try to keep it from escalating.

We know that tenant complaints can cover anything from noise to bad Wi-Fi to minor rent increases. Be prepared to address them and don’t give the tenants reason to get angrier. 

If you’re having trouble managing your Keller tenants and their complaints, please contact us at Trend Property & Management. We’re here to help with all your Keller property management needs. We also serve Fort Worth, Saginaw, Hurst, Weatherford, and the surrounding areas.